Transform Collaboration with Triofox Secure File Sharing

Files have always proven to be a vector for the spread of malware. According to Verizon’s yearly Data Breach Investigations Report, 92 percent of all malware spread via email attachments. That makes providing access to a secure file sharing tool critical for your data security and your employees’ productivity.

However, secure file sharing does more than keep your network safe. It’s also a powerful tool for fostering a culture of collaboration within your organization. Support your workers’ ability to collaborate with an ecosystem that eliminates the physical limitations of the office and delivers the files – and sharing capabilities – required.

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Great Minds Do More Than Think Alike

The link between employee collaboration and a company’s reputation for innovation is well-studied. Research suggests that collaboration and innovation are directly – and positively – linked. In PwC’s Innovation Benchmark study, executives cite innovation and the willingness to collaborate as integral to a company’s success in the 21st century.

However, creating a culture of collaboration relies on more than simply promoting teamwork as a value. According to some experts, a collaborative business environment is a direct result of the rise of digital technology, widely called the fourth industrial  revolution, or Industry 4.0. In other words, this culture shift is driven by the introduction of technologies in the workplace that unlock new ways to connect and create.

Why Secure File Sharing Matters

As more and more business operations occur digitally, the ability to share files easily and securely matters more. Choose secure file sharing because:

  • Version control matters: Banish confusing email attachments and multiple copies that all seem to have different updates.
  • Accidental file sharing constitutes a breach: Some 60 percent of office workers have accidentally sent a file to the wrong person.
  • Organization breeds efficiency: Stay efficient and productive by making secure file sharing an extension of your existing file servers – not a separate service.

Triofox Enables Secure File Sharing by Enhancing Collaboration

Secure file sharing has always represented a requirement for data security. However, when leveraged correctly, it does more than keep your sensitive information safe. Triofox supports secure file sharing to enhance collaboration across your organization. Enjoy:

Integrations to Support Productivity

Triofox integrates seamlessly with other Windows resources to enhance the functionality of your file servers. Embrace easy, efficient, and secure file sharing with an Outlook integration that lets you create expiration dates or other access controls. Or, integrate with Office 365 to allow your workers to co-edit, co-author, and securely share files within the program.

Simplified Sharing Experience

Make large file transfers easy with web links directly to shared files and folders. You can even empower your employees to securely share files with users who aren’t in the Active Directory thanks to Triofox’s special file locking and version control capabilities.

Powerful, Streamlined Permissions

No matter how extensive the collaboration becomes, you’ll maintain visibility with extensive auditing and reporting tools. Likewise, maintain control with your file server’s native NTFS permissions, including the ability to modify rules defining users permitted to share files or access specific links.

Improve Your File Server Capabilities with Triofox

Whether transmitting files to colleagues or clients, the secure file sharing features within Triofox keep your operations efficient and safe. Embrace collaboration and drive innovation by giving your employees the tools they need to connect, create, and succeed.

Triofox provides secure remote access and file-sharing capabilities for your Windows file server. Get started with a free trial now.

Offsite Backup Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Version control and file retention represent the core of all solid data protection strategies. Make sure you’re supporting both with offsite backup solutions.

Storing backups remotely enhances their security and reliability, ensuring they’ll always be available. Unlike local backups, they can’t succumb to physical disasters in a business or security breaches that target the corporate network.

Triofox helps ensure business continuity by leveraging the cloud, file synchronization, and more.

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How Offsite Backup Solutions Support Disaster Recovery

Offsite backup solutions store copies of your company’s most critical information in a physical location separate from that of your main business operations. This may be a different building, the offices of professional backup services, or in a digital location such as on a public cloud.

Storing backups off-site has many advantages in terms of disaster recovery. They’ll allow you to:

Stay Operational Even If the Office Is Not

If a disaster affects your physical business’s location, such as your office, offsite backups mean your data remains available even if your office is not. That leaves you free to transition to a remote workforce or acquire a new office space to quickly resume operations.

Never Lose Critical Business Information

Offsite backups are usually disconnected from other parts of your data ecosystem. That makes them harder to access, corrupt, or steal. With them, threats like ransomware attacks are neutralized, and you’ll never have to worry about losing copies.

Leverage Multiple Backup Methods

Since offsite backups are typically digital in nature, it’s easier to produce multiple copies of your backups. You can keep a digital copy on your local server, a secondary copy on the cloud, and a tertiary copy with a technology provider.

Get Up and Running Faster

Disruptions to your operations may damage your revenue stream unless you can return to normal operations quickly. Offsite backups make it easier to get up and running faster, thereby minimizing the potential fallout of an incident.

Embrace Business Continuity with Remote Backup Solutions in Triofox

Triofox supports disaster recovery and business continuity with robust backup and file server synchronization capabilities. Together, these features keep you up and running no matter what happens in the world. We accomplish that through four primary strategies:

  • Private cloud backups: If your file servers are ever offline, we’ll help you maintain worker productivity with a backup repository on a private cloud.
  • Public cloud backups: Make the most of your AWS or Azure accounts by harnessing them for offsite backups.
  • Branch office file server synchronization: Keep your files synchronized across your organization – from remote branch offices to headquarters.
  • Data center synchronization: Ensure everything on your Windows file server remains frequently backed up at a data center in your region.

Augment Your Business Continuity Strategy with Triofox

Developing an effective disaster recovery strategy is just one step in your wider business continuity plan. Make sure it includes offsite backup solutions. By storing your backups off-site, you gain extra security and reliability if a disaster affects your physical business location. With Triofox, harnessing offsite backups is easy. Enjoy the ability to resume operations anywhere, at any time.

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Ransomware Protection in 2021: How Triofox Can Help

Got ransomware protection? If not, you need it. Ransomware is a type of malware cybercriminals use to seize a company’s files or sensitive information, encrypting it and demanding a ransom for its safe return. Those ransoms can – and do – range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. About half of the companies that have suffered a ransomware attack pay – but as few as 26 percent get their files back.

Make sure you’re empowering your mobile workforce with tools that include robust ransomware and data protection.

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Ransomware Has Forced a Rethinking of Data Security Needs

Ransomware is a very serious threat to any organization under normal circumstances. It can wipe out entire operations, and hackers have little impetus to restore files once they have been paid. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing an unprecedented number of businesses to embrace remote work, that threat has amplified now more than ever.

In the first quarter of 2020, ransomware attacks jumped significantly as hackers set their crosshairs on the swelling ranks of professionals working from home. At least 36 percent of executives on the CNBC Technology Council have seen ransomware and similar threats spike. Hackers target professionals who work from home using unsecured networks, poor access practices, and devices lacking an updated antivirus software.

Why Ransomware Thrives with a Mobile Workforce

Ransomware, like other malware, thrives when employees work from home due to the presence of the following unique challenges:

Device Ownership & Data Control Questions

Companies can’t control how workers use their devices in their free time, meaning that a device can never be truly secure.

Poor Connection Visibility

Workers may rely on several devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete their work. This makes it difficult to spot devices that shouldn’t be connected to the company’s network.

Backup Complications

Multiple users accessing resources and files remotely complicates version control, reducing the ability to create up-to-date backups.  

Ransomware Protection: Keep Your Data Held Safe, Not Hostage

Triofox enhances Windows file servers using cloud technology to keep your mobile workforce productive and secure without creating complications around device ownership or data privacy. It’s also a powerful layer of security against threats like ransomware. Use Triofox to:

  • Simplify security by eliminating confusing practices: Avoid VPN headaches or other complicated procedures that employees may sidestep because they’re inconvenient.
  • Enhance access control and data protection: Secure remote access means only authenticated users can access your company’s sensitive data.
  • Robust audit trace and file changelogs: Enjoy full visibility by extending Windows shadow copy services with file versioning.
  • Advanced backup capabilities: Define a backup target location and replicate assets to off-site servers, other on-premises locations, a public cloud, or a centralized Triofox server.
  • Keep files on the file server: Triofox doesn’t remove files from your file server, keeping them safe even if a device becomes compromised.

Neutralize the Threat of Ransomware with Triofox

Any company using digital files or processes needs robust cybersecurity measures. As the coronavirus pandemic forces more companies to embrace a mobile workforce, enterprise ransomware protection has become vital.

Empower your remote workers with the right tools and protections to remain productive and secure. Use Triofox to help your workers enjoy secure access to your Windows file server no matter their location.

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Empower Your Employees with Secure Remote Access Using Triofox

If your company is transitioning to a remote workforce in response to COVID-19, you may have encountered the unique challenges associated with providing your work-from-home employees the needed access to company resources and data.

Triofox enables on-premises file server access by leveraging cloud technology with secure remote access to keep your daily operations flowing. Here’s a closer look at secure remote access and how it can expedite your organization’s transition to remote work.

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What is Secure Remote Access? A Quick Definition

Secure remote access refers to security policies or strategies taken to protect the transmission of sensitive data when accessed from devices or networks not controlled by the company.

Why Secure Remote Access Matters

As internet-connected devices and digital processes have flourished in the modern work environment, many organizations no longer bind their workforce to a single location. Employees can now access company resources and networks remotely from a constellation of devices and locations.

While this affords many salient benefits to organizations and their workers, it also renders traditional data security measures obsolete. Old ideas about access control via endpoints and passwords fall short in remote environments because they rely on the physical presence of an employee in the office using a pre-secured set of devices.

Secure remote access, on the other hand, ensures anyone who remotely accesses your file server or network is authenticated and uses a secure internet connection. It essentially is another layer of security between your users (or workers) and your data. Before allowing a user to connect to your file server, the application running a secure remote access policy may check for:

  • Security: Confirms that connected systems have updated antivirus and firewall, that all patches are present, and that no dangerous processes are running.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) measures: Authenticated users can access certain resources with their initial login credentials.
  • NTFS Permissions : Existing permissions on your file server will be applied to remote users.

Get Secure Remote Access for Your File Server

Triofox simplifies remote access to your Windows file servers by providing a clean, secure interface for your remote workforce. It doesn’t take any files or data out of your file server. Rather, it introduces a robust secure remote access policy to empower your employees to connect securely to the resources they need. With Triofox, you’ll enjoy:

Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication

Triofox can integrate with Azure AD and other SAML 2.0 compatible identity services. Once your users have authenticated themselves in Triofox, they’ll have the same access to your company’s file servers when working from home or their remote workspace as they would at the office.

Endpoint Encryption

The platform will automatically encrypt any data at all endpoints, ensuring that your most sensitive information never leaves a secure environment no matter where your workers access it.

Advanced User Controls

This lets you inherit existing user and role permissions from your file server and apply them to your remote workers’ devices with ease. It also allows users to simplify their login processes using Active Directory.

Choose Fast, Secure Deployment with Triofox

As business processes become less reliant on or restricted to a physical location, data security and remote access have become a focal point in operations. Secure remote access is just one of the many benefits Triofox delivers to companies seeking a rapid solution that supports a mobile workforce. Enhance access to your file servers with a simple, secure solution. Try Triofox for free now