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Files have always proven to be a vector for the spread of malware. According to Verizon’s yearly Data Breach Investigations Report, 92 percent of all malware spread via email attachments. That makes providing access to a secure file sharing tool critical for your data security and your employees’ productivity.

However, secure file sharing does more than keep your network safe. It’s also a powerful tool for fostering a culture of collaboration within your organization. Support your workers’ ability to collaborate with an ecosystem that eliminates the physical limitations of the office and delivers the files – and sharing capabilities – required.

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Great Minds Do More Than Think Alike

The link between employee collaboration and a company’s reputation for innovation is well-studied. Research suggests that collaboration and innovation are directly – and positively – linked. In PwC’s Innovation Benchmark study, executives cite innovation and the willingness to collaborate as integral to a company’s success in the 21st century.

However, creating a culture of collaboration relies on more than simply promoting teamwork as a value. According to some experts, a collaborative business environment is a direct result of the rise of digital technology, widely called the fourth industrial  revolution, or Industry 4.0. In other words, this culture shift is driven by the introduction of technologies in the workplace that unlock new ways to connect and create.

Why Secure File Sharing Matters

As more and more business operations occur digitally, the ability to share files easily and securely matters more. Choose secure file sharing because:

  • Version control matters: Banish confusing email attachments and multiple copies that all seem to have different updates.
  • Accidental file sharing constitutes a breach: Some 60 percent of office workers have accidentally sent a file to the wrong person.
  • Organization breeds efficiency: Stay efficient and productive by making secure file sharing an extension of your existing file servers – not a separate service.

Triofox Enables Secure File Sharing by Enhancing Collaboration

Secure file sharing has always represented a requirement for data security. However, when leveraged correctly, it does more than keep your sensitive information safe. Triofox supports secure file sharing to enhance collaboration across your organization. Enjoy:

Integrations to Support Productivity

Triofox integrates seamlessly with other Windows resources to enhance the functionality of your file servers. Embrace easy, efficient, and secure file sharing with an Outlook integration that lets you create expiration dates or other access controls. Or, integrate with Office 365 to allow your workers to co-edit, co-author, and securely share files within the program.

Simplified Sharing Experience

Make large file transfers easy with web links directly to shared files and folders. You can even empower your employees to securely share files with users who aren’t in the Active Directory thanks to Triofox’s special file locking and version control capabilities.

Powerful, Streamlined Permissions

No matter how extensive the collaboration becomes, you’ll maintain visibility with extensive auditing and reporting tools. Likewise, maintain control with your file server’s native NTFS permissions, including the ability to modify rules defining users permitted to share files or access specific links.

Improve Your File Server Capabilities with Triofox

Whether transmitting files to colleagues or clients, the secure file sharing features within Triofox keep your operations efficient and safe. Embrace collaboration and drive innovation by giving your employees the tools they need to connect, create, and succeed.

Triofox provides secure remote access and file-sharing capabilities for your Windows file server. Get started with a free trial now.

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