Offsite Backup Solutions for Disaster Recovery

Version control and file retention represent the core of all solid data protection strategies. Make sure you’re supporting both with offsite backup solutions.

Storing backups remotely enhances their security and reliability, ensuring they’ll always be available. Unlike local backups, they can’t succumb to physical disasters in a business or security breaches that target the corporate network.

Triofox helps ensure business continuity by leveraging the cloud, file synchronization, and more.

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How Offsite Backup Solutions Support Disaster Recovery

Offsite backup solutions store copies of your company’s most critical information in a physical location separate from that of your main business operations. This may be a different building, the offices of professional backup services, or in a digital location such as on a public cloud.

Storing backups off-site has many advantages in terms of disaster recovery. They’ll allow you to:

Stay Operational Even If the Office Is Not

If a disaster affects your physical business’s location, such as your office, offsite backups mean your data remains available even if your office is not. That leaves you free to transition to a remote workforce or acquire a new office space to quickly resume operations.

Never Lose Critical Business Information

Offsite backups are usually disconnected from other parts of your data ecosystem. That makes them harder to access, corrupt, or steal. With them, threats like ransomware attacks are neutralized, and you’ll never have to worry about losing copies.

Leverage Multiple Backup Methods

Since offsite backups are typically digital in nature, it’s easier to produce multiple copies of your backups. You can keep a digital copy on your local server, a secondary copy on the cloud, and a tertiary copy with a technology provider.

Get Up and Running Faster

Disruptions to your operations may damage your revenue stream unless you can return to normal operations quickly. Offsite backups make it easier to get up and running faster, thereby minimizing the potential fallout of an incident.

Embrace Business Continuity with Remote Backup Solutions in Triofox

Triofox supports disaster recovery and business continuity with robust backup and file server synchronization capabilities. Together, these features keep you up and running no matter what happens in the world. We accomplish that through four primary strategies:

  • Private cloud backups: If your file servers are ever offline, we’ll help you maintain worker productivity with a backup repository on a private cloud.
  • Public cloud backups: Make the most of your AWS or Azure accounts by harnessing them for offsite backups.
  • Branch office file server synchronization: Keep your files synchronized across your organization – from remote branch offices to headquarters.
  • Data center synchronization: Ensure everything on your Windows file server remains frequently backed up at a data center in your region.

Augment Your Business Continuity Strategy with Triofox

Developing an effective disaster recovery strategy is just one step in your wider business continuity plan. Make sure it includes offsite backup solutions. By storing your backups off-site, you gain extra security and reliability if a disaster affects your physical business location. With Triofox, harnessing offsite backups is easy. Enjoy the ability to resume operations anywhere, at any time.

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