File Server secure remote access

Mobilizes Your Servers

Remote Access

File Server Secure Remote Access with drive mapping and file locking features, and without a VPN.

Business Continuity

Triofox adds version control, device backup, and remote cloud backup features to the Windows file server for business continuity.

Cloud Enablement

Triofox adds cloud enhancements such as secure remote access and mobile file sharing to current on-premise Windows file servers.

How are we Different?

Triofox keeps the existing on-premise Windows file servers and integrates natively with Active Directory and NTFS permissions control. At the same time, it offers communications over HTTPS to remote agent software on Windows, Mac, Web Browsers, and Mobile applications to connect back to the corporate on-premise file servers securely.

Clients Reviews

Gladinet Triofox is the best file server replacement solution on the market. They aren’t just leading the market, but they created a new market – none of the other products can do the things that I can do with Triofox.



The Cloud File Server
You’ve been waiting for

Mobile Remote Access

Mobilize your workforce with quick and easy secure mobile file access to corporate file servers without a VPN.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Protect your data with Cloud Backup, Ransomware Prevention, File Versioning, Auditing, and Reporting.

Easy Cloud Migration

Simplify remote access and collaboration with a centrally managed cloud file server for multiple branch offices.

“… We provided a worldwide cloud file server for the organization while maintaining compliance for the customer.… “

Keith Schoolcraft


Secure Remote File Server Access

Empower remote workers and home workers with a simple and secure file server access solution from anywhere using any device. Eliminate VPN headaches. Accelerate productivity for the mobile workforce without sacrificing data ownership, data privacy, or data security.

Eliminate VPN HeadachesOARDS IN THE APP

Take your office experience anywhere with a simple mapped drive that easily connects to a file server. Fix everything you hate about VPNs without moving to the cloud!


Business Continuity

Empower the workforce to work from home or any other alternative workplace arrangements safely and securely. You are staying away from disasters such as hurricanes, storms, and reducing exposure to global pandemics like the recent ongoing coronavirus. Use Triofox to enhance business continuity and help your workforce secure remote and mobile access to file servers when working from home or any remote locations.

Boost remote productivity of your mobile workforce!

take your Windows file server to the cloud

Key Product Features

Cloud Mapped Drive

Triofox provides a mapped drive over HTTPS/SSL for seamless file access.

File Locking

Lock files-in-use or check out files for offline access for team collaboration.

Active Directory

Define different permissions for folders at different levels of the directory structure.

Web File Manager

Web-based secure data room allows view-only access with download disabled.

Use web links to share files and folders with recipients or to receive files.

Mobile Applications

Access files and folders from web browsers and mobile devices.


Take Your File Servers
Back To The Future

Core Value

Triofox Solution


The Triofox solution extends the current internal Windows file server’s reach to remote locations via HTTPS and web protocols. It is privacy by default.


The internal Windows file server is the data repository for the newly added private folder-sharing service. For employees, the files at work are the same files available remotely on mobile devices.


The same corporation owns the internal Windows file server and existing IT infrastructure, including the new Triofox server, and the files and folders on the file server are privately owned.


Since files never leave the current on-premise file servers, it is much easier to pass compliance auditing. The new Triofox server as a private file sharing service is the only component that needs additional work.