Ransomware Protection in 2021: How Triofox Can Help

Got ransomware protection? If not, you need it. Ransomware is a type of malware cybercriminals use to seize a company’s files or sensitive information, encrypting it and demanding a ransom for its safe return. Those ransoms can – and do – range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. About half of the companies that have suffered a ransomware attack pay – but as few as 26 percent get their files back.

Make sure you’re empowering your mobile workforce with tools that include robust ransomware and data protection.

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Ransomware Has Forced a Rethinking of Data Security Needs

Ransomware is a very serious threat to any organization under normal circumstances. It can wipe out entire operations, and hackers have little impetus to restore files once they have been paid. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing an unprecedented number of businesses to embrace remote work, that threat has amplified now more than ever.

In the first quarter of 2020, ransomware attacks jumped significantly as hackers set their crosshairs on the swelling ranks of professionals working from home. At least 36 percent of executives on the CNBC Technology Council have seen ransomware and similar threats spike. Hackers target professionals who work from home using unsecured networks, poor access practices, and devices lacking an updated antivirus software.

Why Ransomware Thrives with a Mobile Workforce

Ransomware, like other malware, thrives when employees work from home due to the presence of the following unique challenges:

Device Ownership & Data Control Questions

Companies can’t control how workers use their devices in their free time, meaning that a device can never be truly secure.

Poor Connection Visibility

Workers may rely on several devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete their work. This makes it difficult to spot devices that shouldn’t be connected to the company’s network.

Backup Complications

Multiple users accessing resources and files remotely complicates version control, reducing the ability to create up-to-date backups.  

Ransomware Protection: Keep Your Data Held Safe, Not Hostage

Triofox enhances Windows file servers using cloud technology to keep your mobile workforce productive and secure without creating complications around device ownership or data privacy. It’s also a powerful layer of security against threats like ransomware. Use Triofox to:

  • Simplify security by eliminating confusing practices: Avoid VPN headaches or other complicated procedures that employees may sidestep because they’re inconvenient.
  • Enhance access control and data protection: Secure remote access means only authenticated users can access your company’s sensitive data.
  • Robust audit trace and file changelogs: Enjoy full visibility by extending Windows shadow copy services with file versioning.
  • Advanced backup capabilities: Define a backup target location and replicate assets to off-site servers, other on-premises locations, a public cloud, or a centralized Triofox server.
  • Keep files on the file server: Triofox doesn’t remove files from your file server, keeping them safe even if a device becomes compromised.

Neutralize the Threat of Ransomware with Triofox

Any company using digital files or processes needs robust cybersecurity measures. As the coronavirus pandemic forces more companies to embrace a mobile workforce, enterprise ransomware protection has become vital.

Empower your remote workers with the right tools and protections to remain productive and secure. Use Triofox to help your workers enjoy secure access to your Windows file server no matter their location.

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