Enterprise File Sync and Share Solutions: Why Triofox Is the Perfect Replacement for DatAnywhere

The most pressing issue facing businesses today can be summed up in a single word: data. A major issue is the lack of control over where data is stored and how it is used. Data sharing must be done in a transparent and barrier-free manner. For some businesses, this means entrusting third-party providers with the management and security of their cloud files. However, it is common knowledge that using public cloud services to share company data is a high-risk activity due to GDPR violations, data loss, and cyber-criminal vulnerability.

Varonis DatAnywhere was popular enterprise sync and share solution for a long time since it offered a simple, cost-effective alternative to public cloud-based file-sharing services. However, since it has reached its end of life (EOL), you are putting your business at risk if you are still using their service. “New updates and upgrades will not be published, and new platforms (such as new versions of IOS, Android, Windows, and so on) will not be supported,” according to them. After February 28, 2020, DatAnywhere support services will be discontinued.” Triofox offers the same secure private file sharing experience with support guaranteed to give you a good run for your money.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common data-sharing concerns and why the Triofox server solution is the best way to turn your corporate infrastructure into a secure private cloud-like platform for secure remote access and collaboration.

The Need for Secure File Sharing

Dropbox has become a popular cloud storage platform in recent years. Its most notable advantage is the ease with which you may share files with your team and external business partners. However, the way Dropbox is used in corporate situations poses some security concerns. For example, data can be very sensitive for a construction company. The remote collaboration will sometimes require sharing vital organizational information such as contracts, blueprints, field photos, videos, etc. Hackers or unscrupulous competitors can intercept the right tools. This is why it is essential to make sure your data is safe.

Businesses have reported millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity because of the recent data breaches, and the material damage continues. This can be devastating for an organization. Though the commercial impact of a data breach varies greatly depending on the size of the company and the industry in question, the effect that can range from a decline in revenue, decreased productivity, and financial ruin can significantly impact a business.

Why Triofox Is a Better Alternative to DatAnywhere

As they most often operate in different locations, construction companies can’t run their operations optimally without a system that provides employees with the proper flow of information and allows them to share and store documents in real-time. Also, the need to share documents with clients or partners requires the share functionalities of cloud storage. Triofox solves the challenges of transferring data securely across geographies while minimizing costs, complexity, and errors – whether human error or hardware.

Triofox addresses these problems by providing a safe and collaborative working environment to store files in one place. It is a cross-platform team collaboration solution that offers efficient and secure enterprise file sync and share services without the risk of data exposure. Its solution makes it easy for people to work wherever and whenever they need to, and without the fear that their sensitive data will wind up in the wrong hands. Beyond the safety and ease of use factors, Triofox provides real-time backup and recovery in case of disaster.

A real-life examination of a construction company whose needs are aligned with the Triofox solution is outlined below. If your firm can relate to the majority of the pain areas, Triofox could be the ideal solution for you.

  • Construction Company with over 30TB data and a distributed team spread across four (4) branches.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the business, prefers to keep data on private file servers
  • Wants more control than Dropbox offers; wants to keep control of data even after it has been copied to Dropbox for sharing.
  • The constant fear of data falling into the wrong hands, plus the fact that engaging Dropbox violates data compliance policies.
  • Considering cloud migration but doesn’t have time or resources to deal with migration complexities.
  • Needs a solution that users can quickly implement and manage; file-sharing shouldn’t require the specialty of a tech person.
  • Needs a partner that will help with initial setup and configuration and ongoing support.

Benefits of Triofox Server Solution

Similar to Datanywhere, Triofox extends the file-sharing functionality of existing windows file shares, making them accessible over the web. Matter-of-fact, file sharing can be as easy as sending a link. It provides a mapped drive, where users can quickly access file shares.

By deploying a self-hosted version of Triofox, you can ensure data security and control while improving the performance and productivity of the users. Listed below are the benefits of deploying the Triofox server solution:

  • Triofox eradicates the issues that come with employing external cloud services for collaboration as its solution is built on existing file server infrastructure to extend its functionalities.
  • Its AD & NTFS Integration features ensure seamless technology adaptation to prevent lost productivity, which can cost your business a lot of money.
  • It is cost-effective as the solution requires little to minimal training; Users can easily adapt since it provides a familiar working experience.
  • Allow businesses to maintain data governance and control for policy compliance and privacy of client’s information.
  • It offers more control than Dropbox. Triofox provides centralized access controls, audit tracking, and report features, giving you autonomous control over your data.
  • It offers simplified management and user experience
  • The solution keeps data on private file shares
  • It has remote device wipes and encryption to reduce device vulnerabilities.

To learn more about how Triofox can better suit your organization’s needs, request a demo

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