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How to Improve Access to Azure Files in the Cloud

With more and more employees working from home, many businesses seek to move data from their on-premises servers to cloud storage services. One of the more popular cloud storage solutions is Microsoft’s Azure Files – although it presents its own unique set of challenges to companies seeking to serve their remote workforces better. In this blog, we will look at how to improve access to Azure Files. What Azure Files Is – and Why It’s Popular Azure Files is a… Read More »How to Improve Access to Azure Files in the Cloud

ZTNA Alternative

Establishing Direct Access as a ZTNA Alternative

Any enterprise interested in reaping the benefits of a cloud (or hybrid) deployment should examine all available security models carefully. Almost everyone agrees that the cloud will continue to play an important role in our digital future. It enables seamless scaling, cost-effective management of resources, and provides access to business resources from almost anywhere. Anyone who isn’t seriously considering installing any Line-of-Business (LOB) applications in the cloud is falling behind their competitors. One of the key challenges that your organization… Read More »Establishing Direct Access as a ZTNA Alternative


How Triofox Protects Your Business with Built-In Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are becoming an increasing threat to businesses, organizations, and municipalities worldwide. If your organization becomes the victim of one of these attacks, you may be forced to pay hundreds of thousands— if not millions— of dollars to regain access to your systems and data. What is Ransomware – and How Does It Work? A ransomware attack is a type of extortion initiated over the Internet—a cyberattack for profit. Most ransomware attackers work for criminal organizations or foreign nations… Read More »How Triofox Protects Your Business with Built-In Ransomware Protection

File Sharing Best Practices

External File Sharing Best Practices

With the growth of work-from-home employees, remote file sharing has become more important than ever. Most organizations employ some sort of external file sharing solution, but all employees must know how to share folders and files safely and securely. Sharing links that require no authentication may be convenient and useful in many situations, especially when you are sharing read-only files with external users. However, not all content is appropriate for unauthenticated sharing. It is important to put safeguards in place… Read More »External File Sharing Best Practices

Data Sprawl

How to Overcome Data Sprawl in Your Organization

With storage costs plummeting and as mobile device usage increases, data is growing exponentially worldwide. Exponential growth in the use of multiple devices by employees in enterprises has become a norm. Furthermore, the changing paradigm of working away from the office has led to individuals relying on various cloud services to access their work documents. The transition to purely cloud-based storage services from in-house storage solutions has also increased Data Sprawl. Cloud storage is often cheaper for businesses as it… Read More »How to Overcome Data Sprawl in Your Organization

Migrate Data to Cloud with Triofox

Migrate Data to Cloud

Cloud computing and storage was one of the major enablers of businesses around the globe over the last decade. It may have started as a buzzword in 2010, but the infrastructure that supports cloud adoption can now transform how your company and employees perform work. Analysts expect the global public cloud services market to reach $623.3 billion by 2023. Cloud migration also means different things to different organizations. A single team may not need all the company information available in… Read More »Migrate Data to Cloud

Access File Servers Without a VPN

Many companies struggled to comply with government regulations and stay at home orders that aimed to keep staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, it was more complex than simply setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and allowing staff to work from home. Governments around the world had to act quickly to slow the spread of the virus, but the best way to protect populations was to enforce the necessary social distancing. The boost this gave to remote… Read More »Access File Servers Without a VPN

5 Remote Access Risks to Prevent (Plus How to Simplify Your Home Security)

As you work from home to adapt to the new normal, you could be unaware of the threats posed to your home security. At the office, the IT department ensures that corporate data is protected by correctly updating corporate devices. This is also done by setting up anti-malware software in their organization’s network and devices such as anti-spyware, antiviruses, and firewalls. However, when you shift to remote work and use your personal devices and network, you can’t guarantee their safety… Read More »5 Remote Access Risks to Prevent (Plus How to Simplify Your Home Security)

Triofox built-in 2-FA

2-Factor Authentication: Why Your Mobile Workforce Needs It Now

Cybersecurity is essential to keep information about your business private and avoid cyberattacks. It’s one of the most important aspects that businesses should pay attention to in the 21st Century. This topic is so vital that recent research shows that current CEOs prioritize cybersecurity over physical security. In 2020, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Workforces moved towards home offices because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is changing how businesses work. Some people will continue to work from home… Read More »2-Factor Authentication: Why Your Mobile Workforce Needs It Now

Stop data leakage

Proactive Alerts for Any Unusual Employees Behavior!

As a business, you would like to protect confidential data from leaking and ending up in your competitor’s hands. You would like to get alerts in advance for any abnormal behavior of employees who, for example, are about to leave your company and perhaps are downloading all the confidential data to their devices before they leave the company. The employees can then take your data to the new company, and you may lose a competitive edge in the industry you… Read More »Proactive Alerts for Any Unusual Employees Behavior!