Triofox Cloud File Server

Gladinet Triofox helps businesses mobilize their existing file servers or cloud storage services. Triofox enhances existing Windows file servers with secure remote access, mobile file sharing, data protection, and cloud migration, while addressing business concerns about security, privacy, compliance and control. Triofox enhances productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing data ownership, data privacy and data security.

Files can be located either on a local file server or in any cloud storage service provider for example AWS S3, Azure blob, Rackspace Cloud Files, Wasabi storage, Microsoft SharePoint to name a few.

Triofox is the only solution which makes it very easy to convert any cloud storage service into a cloud file share and provide users access to files using Windows, MAC, mobile and browsers.

Below is the procedure to add a Cloud Storage Service as a Cloud File Share:

  1. Login as an admin into the triofox console. Click on the Cloud File Server icon in the dashboard.

2. On the next screen, just click on ‘Add Cloud Share’.

3. Enter the Cloud share name and select the Cloud Storage Service from the available cloud storage service providers.

4. Enter the cloud storage service provider details for example Azure blob access point URL and Primary Access Key.

5. Select an existing cloud container or create a new one and click ‘Finish’.

6. You will then see your cloud file share added as shown below.

7. Click on ‘Add User’ to add users who need access to this cloud file share.

8. Select the user(s) or groups (either from On-Premise AD or any other Cloud Identity Provider) and click ‘Done’.

9. You will now see that the new Cloud File Share is visible to the user who was given access when he logs into the triofox web portal.

10. Users can also use any client of their choice for example Windows, MAC or mobile besides the web browsers. Below is the screenshot of the user login Window when using a Windows Client.

11. Once the users logs in, they will see a cloud drive on their machines with the data in the cloud file share that they have been given access to.

12. Users can also use any of the sharing features as well as enable offline access directly from the right click context menu as shown in the screen below.


Gladinet Triofox is helping business provide access to data from anywhere using any device. Triofox prepares file servers for a productive future that is independent of data location or deployment model. Whether your needs are best served by migration to a public cloud, private cloud or just file servers on-premises, you’ll maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing control, security or privacy. Combine traditional file server security with mobile productivity to enjoy the best of both worlds!

You can request a demo or signup for a free trial using the links below:

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