Triofox: The Enterprise Solution for Modernizing Traditional File Servers

Executive Briefing

Triofox provides an enterprise-focused solution to one of the most persistent challenges faced by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) working with larger clients: the arduous process of migrating large-scale file servers to the cloud. By adding a cloud mobility layer to existing enterprise-scale file servers, Triofox reduces the complexity, cost, and headaches typically associated with this task. This strategy enables medium to large businesses to decentralize data access without the hurdles of migration or significant capital investment. In addition, Triofox opens up new avenues for recurring revenue at the enterprise level for MSPs.

Customer Journey Story

Imagine an MSP dealing with a larger client responsible for managing a large file server with over 5 terabytes of data and subject to strict compliance policies. Traditional cloud migration options like OneDrive and SharePoint can be overwhelming and risky given the volume of data.

That’s when they discovered Triofox — a platform designed for enterprise-level needs that allows clients to retain their existing large-scale file server while enhancing it with a modern cloud mobility interface. The MSP is intrigued and tests Triofox. The deployment is seamless, and the client is more than satisfied. The client is able to keep their existing high-capacity setup while achieving the cloud mobility they need for their scale of operations.

To add value, the MSP suggests hosting the client’s enterprise-scale file server in a specialized data center that better meets the needs of larger organizations. The client agrees and moves to an OpEx model that is easier to manage. As a result, the MSP secures a valuable recurring revenue stream at the enterprise level.

Value Proposition Story

For MSPs serving larger clients, migrating a large file server — especially those exceeding 5 terabytes — becomes a complicated, risky process.

However, Triofox offers a uniquely effective solution. By integrating a cloud mobility interface with these large, existing file servers, Triofox minimizes these challenges. Most importantly, it enables medium and large businesses, often struggling with outdated hardware and large data volumes, to modernize without a full-scale migration.

In addition, MSPs can complement their enterprise-level offerings with improved bandwidth, reduced latency, and specialized managed services. This creates a natural, symbiotic relationship between MSPs and larger organizations seeking high-performance, secure, scalable file access solutions.


Triofox offers a win-win solution optimized for medium to large businesses and the MSPs that serve them. Larger clients can get decentralized data access without the complexity of migrating large volumes of data or incurring significant upfront costs. MSPs, in turn, can offer a streamlined, economical, enterprise-grade solution that directly addresses the more demanding needs of their larger clients.

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