Proactive Alerts for Any Unusual Employees Behavior!

As a business, you would like to protect confidential data from leaking and ending up in your competitor’s hands. You would like to get alerts in advance for any abnormal behavior of employees who, for example, are about to leave your company and perhaps are downloading all the confidential data to their devices before they leave the company. The employees can then take your data to the new company, and you may lose a competitive edge in the industry you serve.

As the workforce becomes more mobile and remote, businesses struggle to find ways to ensure the workforce has all the tools to remain productive. They have a challenge in finding solutions that can enable mobile and remote access with a familiar user experience that requires minimal training and full control, ownership, and visibility.

There are numerous data breaches these days, not just from outside sources but also from bad actors inside the company looking to harm the company and its name. Most of the time, IT puts a lot of emphasis on protecting the data from outside sources. Very little attention is given to protecting the data from internal company employees, which can damage more than external sources.

Hence, companies should adopt technologies that will enable the mobile workforce with productivity tools and all the advanced features built-in to monitor any unusual activity from internal users.

Triofox comes in and provides a solution that enables secure and remote access to company files and has all the protection; for example, proactively monitoring all users’ actions and behaviors. Suppose there is anything out of the norm, Triofox will take automatic steps like disabling that user’s access to company files and sending alerts to IT to take proper action before the employees take company data and give it to their competitors.

Triofox adds ransomware protection and alerts to your files. It will monitor the Triofox clients and automatically shut them down if it sees a possible attack or any unusual activity. It also sends an alert to the administrator when it detects the threat and adds versioning and offsite backup of your file server, allowing you to recover from any attacks or accidental deletions.

For example, with Triofox, you can configure the following policies for proactive alerts and monitoring:

  • Automatically disable a device if the device changes more than n files in 10 minutes
  • Notify the administrator if more than n files changed in one minute
  • Notify the administrator if more than n files changed in one minute

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